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Dream 12-7-10 [Dec. 7th, 2010|04:24 am]
Fresh off a weekend of all nighters.


I was going back home to my old house on Chase St. and I was going to be looking after the house because my mom was going out of town. My old dog, Oreo, was there except now he was a black lab with long hair (like a labradoodle). I remember petting his head and it being abnormally wet so I came to the conclusion that he had learned how to wash himself with the hose....and it was absolutely amazing to me that he could.

The days pass by slowly. In fact I'm mostly sleeping within a dream (within a dream. I think I went to dream level 3). And every time I wake up I realize I passed out on the couch with the front door wide open and just the glass door shut, but unlocked. I also realize that I always leave Oreo outside while I'm sleeping; outside and not even locked in the fence. He also has a new doggy friend. And some neighborhood children yell at me for leaving him out there overnight. I didn't think it was that big of a deal though because the dog was a fucking genius in the dream.

Then other things happen, unimportant things.....the neighborhood children won't leave me alone. I keep passing out with the door open, blah blah. Then my mom comes back and I was so excited to show her that Oreo could give himself a bath. So we're standing at the gate watching, he takes the hose into his front paws, sits in some weird crouching position and faces the hose at his face then the water shoots out and he is clean! The other dog was too much of an idiot to know what was going on.

We watched this happen twice. Then the neighbor across street came home. He was a police officer and he was telling some story to his family about something he'd done. His wife, for some reason, thought his story was stupid and he was a wuss so she gave him a sanitary napkin jokingly and made fun of him. Oreo is washing himself the whole time this happens.

Then My Chemical Romance is having a photoshoot under our carport. At least it was a very bastardized, fatter, version of MCR. My mom kept telling me how cute the one in black was, Frank Iero. And that Gerard Way had side boob. But obvs Mikey Way was my favorite.
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Lucid Dream? A few weeks ago? [Oct. 4th, 2010|04:16 am]
I had a dream about Alaska and eskimos. Then I was in this Children's museum type building, similar to the New Orleans one but definitely not a museum I'd been to before. It had a big central tower thing that went from floor to ceiling and it was colorful and there were ball pit balls everywhere. And I was also attending a family reunion at this museum.

I got onto an elevator to ride to the top of the tower with my cousin and some random guy. The elevator passes the top of the tower and keeps getting higher off the ground. The dream is quickly turning into a nightmare (because I hate elevators and heights). The elevator then starts going horizontally through this tunnel and it emerges on along the edge of the Mississippi River Bridge. And now I'm freaking out because it's a glass elevator and it's hanging over the water, a straight up nightmare. At this point I CONSCIOUSLY tell myself that it is a dream, I know this isn't real. Then the whole scene rewinds like a movie and I'm back to the museum room. The dream hit a dead end and nothing else happened.
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Dream Oct 2, 2010 [Oct. 2nd, 2010|10:08 am]
At first I was in a large mall that I know I've dreamed about before. Except this time I went to a different part that was a food court or something. That eventually led to a fresh seafood market and the produce/floral section. Near the flower stand I ran into my dad who told me he was going to do an experiment an eye transplants. He said that he was going to transplant his own eyes into someone else then use stem cells to grow neurons in his own eyes and also take the bad, blind eyes from the person he gave his eyes too. I was mortified and didn't want him to do it, but his job was going to pay him $500 million if he did it and he wanted to do the transplant badly. I was still mortified (for some reason I thought he'd never be able to hear music again).

He does the surgery and I get the money. I research the taxes on $500 million and I have to pay 425% which in dream math is only $5 million. Then I donate a few million to my school of architecture. I made them promise to put plotters and printers in every studio, and leather rolling chairs at each desk. And set up some kind of system where we didn't have to pay to plot.
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Dream: Sep 21 2010 [Sep. 21st, 2010|01:47 pm]
I don't know the specifics of the dream but I dreamt that I was somehow experiencing the plot of Lord of the Rings first hand. I haven't actually seen, or read Lord of the Rings....actually I fall asleep on it everytime I try to watch it.....But I do know that now I want to see the movie for real because my dream was so action filled and fantastic.

And Sir Ian McKellan was some other role (not the wizard).
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Dream: 9-6-10 [Sep. 6th, 2010|10:49 am]
I was in high school again and it was graduation time. There was a new program in school that was focused on marrying off all the graduating girls. And I was talked into signing up for this class. So instead of the graduation there was a giant wedding ceremony and everyone had to consummate their wedding that night. And the grooms were old, creepy men (aged 35+)....like the kind of person who would order a bride from Eastern Europe. When my parents first proposed the idea to me I was skeptical but somehow they convinced me it was a good thing.

So I get transferred into this class that is teaching all of the ceremonies of being married and what not. And I'm in this class and the more I think about it the more I decide this is a huge mistake.

Then graduation day arrives. And I have the class, I have graduation and I have to take pictures of a building (that I actually have to do in real life in like 20 minutes. So my day is busy. I get out of class and at this point I just decide "Fuck this. I'm not doing this because it's fucked up. And it will only end in divorce in 2 years." My moral philosophy that young people (aged 18-25) shouldn't get married returns to me and I'm utterly appalled at the whole program for graduation.

I get to graduation late and some girl is getting married already. I pull my mom out of the crowd and she's fussing about how I'm late and yada yada. Then I drop the "I'm not doing this" bomb on her and she accuses me of being scared on my wedding day. And I'm like "No. This is just WRONG" I'm not doing this. And then she pulls my dad into the conversation and they still think I'm just being crowd shy and that "I don't want anyone to see me in my ugly wedding dress." Which I tell them I'd wear Lady GaGa's hair overcoat, it's not the dress. This is just a fucked up idea. And they finally agree.

As I'm leaving I see a locker full of booze that I want to buy for my Labor Day dinner today. And then I wake up.
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Dream August 10, 2010 [Aug. 10th, 2010|09:46 am]

I dreamt I was eating a turkey sandwich, and felt a weird lump in the bread...like a fat deposit under the skin. So I squeezed it and a dead chicken fetus emerged from the pores of the bread.
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F [Aug. 26th, 2008|11:28 pm]
Fuck the Euro.
Fucking expensive little pricks.
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The Anti-STD Commerical [Mar. 5th, 2007|10:26 pm]
To be transferred into the FUN Book:
Operation Anti-STDs
Participants: Everyone who is against STDs (Duh?)

Yeah, since I have the best comercial ideas. (And Alayne too, rarely)

Idea 1: The Trojan Sperm
A giant wooden sperm rolls to the front of a door. Then Britney Spears opens the front door (because apparently she likes to have unprotected sex) and she rolls the wooden sperm into her "garage"/house. And then all of the STDs inside the sperm run out and infect her.
Moral: Use protection because STDs are really like the Greeks in disguise

Idea 2: The Fertilization Race
There's a stoplight, and all of the STD infected sperm are lined up and reving their engines. Then it turns green and they all speed into the tunnel (pssst. toward the egg), but they are stopped by something. But is this latex wall of protection? Why...It's a condom! 98% effective according to Jane magazine!
Moral: Use protection so the STDs don't race to your eggs.

Yay. We're beastly?
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The Hot List [Mar. 2nd, 2007|10:30 pm]
No, I'm not talking about "Waxim's" Hot 100 with Hot Faces and Hot Bods. (That's my self-declared encyclopedia of hot people. I'm tired of seeing Justin and Ashton at the top of every list. We need some REAL hot men Okay.)

I've already been through 29 pages of "the official hot guy thread" at smosh.com (Don't ask. ADHD. I was just looking at shirts and saw the link and was like Oooh! I like Hot Guy Threads.)

And I have 20 MORE pages to go. And I'm not going to register on the site. So blog, with commentary on the people that are being posted.

Josh Hartnett - Blah, overrated. Okay. Eyebrows a little iffy. A little too beefy for his baby face.

Pharrell - 5 stars. He's also in Hot faces and Hot bods. Ooh baby, DDS.

Axel Rose - Wtf. Ew NO.

Channing Tatum - UGLY. I don't see where the hype is. Face is horrible.

Emo Kid - He has really pretty eyes. And doesn't look like a girl. -thumbs up-

Tyson Ritter - Who is this? His eyes are GORGEOUS. edit: All American Rejects -__-;;. Still has HOT eyes.

Sid Vicious - Woah. Woah...WOAH. Hot. Should I dislike him because his symbol is a swastika and he died of heroine overdose at age 21 and really couldn't play the bass? Yes, I probably should. (But he's still hot. And he died for Nancy...Kind of not really lol? Well I like punk rock romeo and juliet SO BAM!)

Ashton Kutcher - No.

Kaka - o_o Hot? Brazilians are hot so yeah.

Cristano Ronaldo - Oh dear God. Where have you been all my life?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - ...Actually hot. His eyes scare me though. He looks like the psycho kid in my complex...Yes. Hot, but questionable personality from appearance.

Anthony Kiedis - Just keep your long, dark hair man. ;] And don't lose your voice. Hot!

James Franco - No, not really. (Spiderman guy)...Yeah some good photos but not hot.

Sean Williams Scott - Eww No. I don't even like his character in the movie. =X

Robert De Niro - .........................................................

AFI lead singer - No. No no no no (Bassist, possibly. Singer No)

Bam Margera - AWESOME personality, but not especially hot. Don Vito on the other hand...

Chad Michael Murray - Kind of bland. Has his hot aspects.

McFly - Some British band, which means HOT accents. Dougie is pretty hot.

Zach Braff - I'm basically in love with him. But not really HOT.

"Hot Shawn" - Some random guy. He has cankles = NOT

Johnny Depp - Nope. Don't really see it.

Jared Leto - YES YES YES.

Chris Evans - Also a YES.

Brendan Urie/Ryan Ross - No. I don't like their noses/faces....

Abercrombie Models - Overrated. Bodies aren't everything.

Ken - He's number one in my book ;]

Jesse McCartney - He's evolved into slightly hot. I didn't like him at first in Summerland but he's actually hott-ish now.

Some Guy who i need to find out his name - HOTHTTOTHOTHOTTTTTTTTT

Jack Black - EW?

Mana - Hot GUYS. kthnx. (He is the PRIME example of cross dressing).

Gackt - Pretty, not hot.

Paolo Nutini - Oooh. I was just looking up pictures of him the other day. Quite a looker! Good song too! Thumbs up!

Dr. Phil - Oh lord.

Haley Joel Osment - No....I mean he was already No. But I look at him and I see his little sister. Weiirrrd.

Hal Sparks - Sure. He's decent. He's comedic. He wins.

Kill Hannah - It's a really cool pictures, but they probably look like CRAP without make up. No good.

Jake Gyllenhal - Blah. Nothing special. Is it just me, or does he look like Tobey Maguire? (Maybe a hotter version of Tobey, but they look alike!)

Brendan Fraser - No thanks. No thanks definately.

Sleeping Emo Kid - Hot.

Al Pacino - Nahhhh. Not seeing it

Wang Leehom - Um. Not at all.

Bob Saget - .....No? Duh.

Han Solo - No thanks.

Tom Welling - Cute. Pretty darn cute. Not especially hot though. He has gorgeous eyes! And he's tall, so that's a plus!

Blah blah blah lot's of ugly men from movies made in 1739

Dave Beckham - Come on. THAT is a given. (So apparently I'm into soccer players. Niiice)

Orlando Bloom - DEFINATLY. Especially in Kingdom of Heaven. I bought that movie just because he's in it. And I love him in it and I watch it just to see him in it xD

Hayden Christenson - Yeah, no. Not seeing the hot factor...

Emo Kid with too much eyeliner - No. Go was your face poopie.

A Gerard Way wannabe - Go cut your hair and dye it brown. You are too pale and chubby for that. Gerard Way looks WAY better with blonde hair anyway. Everyone (who wants his old look) should follow in suit with short, spiky, blonde hair.

Adam Brody - Not at all. I've seen WAY better. Jake Gyllenhall is hotter than Adam Brody.

An Australian guy who played on Xena - Wow. I've never seen a more square head. Wait that's a lie. Gumby.

Takeshi Kaneshiro - WOAH. Hot Japanese alert.

Borat - ...yeah...WAIT WAIT WAIT. Sacha Cohen (or whatever) IS actually hot. The REAL guy, not Borat. Yes. Sacha, thumbs up!

Jay Chou - Ewww. No

Rupert Grint (Ron) - COME ON. That is NOT hot at all.

Daniel Ratcliff - No thank you to this also. But he does have nice eyes.

Michael Vartan - I wish I could remember what movie he was in. I know I thought he was hot in the movie...

Pete Wentz - A TRUE Emo. No thanks. Not especially hot, or cute, and no time for emotional boys. No time for emotional anyone.

-2 pages left! YAY! =D-

Some guy eating a spoon full of mayonaise - I just barfed in my mouth a little.

Zac Efron - Once again, gorgeous eyes. Blah everything else. And can he really sing? Part of me wants to think it wasn't really his voice in HSM...Can't remember....Oh. His skin complexion is nice though!

Keneau Reeves - EWWWW.EWEWEW.

Some ugly guy with the person who posted it saying "am I the only one to find him attractive?" - Yes. Yes you are.

Some girls BF - Holy WOAH. HOT. HOT HOT

Some other non-famous guy who looks like Paolo Nutini - Two Hotties in a row. Thank the beef gods. @3@

AND ....1 hour later...I AM DONE!
Yay! I love hot people!
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Dream: 1/15/07 [Jan. 15th, 2007|03:01 pm]
I've been dreaming of death a lot lately. (So I researched it, and apparently it's not a bad thing!)

Anyway, in the dream I was in some kind of destroyed city. There were lots of skyscrapers and what not. And I was living/staying in the basement of some building.

I was supposed to die, and I knew this because my mom told me. But I wasn't sick or anything. I was just going to die at this time.

And I was being forced to sleep in a casket in some carriage thing. Well the time of death came and I woke up. I just remember feeling utterly hopeless in the dream.

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